What is stuttering/stammering?

Stuttering is characterized by interruptions in speech flow. There may be repetitions of words, syllables, or sounds within conversation. Sounds can also be prolonged, and in some cases the airflow is completely blocked for several seconds as a result of the stutter. At times, secondary characteristics such as tension or twitching in the body can also occur as a result.

Will the stuttering persist until adulthood?

Approximately 1 in 5 children go through a period of a few weeks to a few months when they experience dysfluencies, or stuttering in their speech. This often occurs at a time when they are also experiencing a spurt in their language skills. In the majority of cases, these symptoms leave on their own, without intervention. However, certain factors put children at a higher risk. Some important factors include:

  • A history of stuttering in the family
  • Age when the stuttering began
    • Children who start stuttering before 3 1/2 are less likely to persist in stuttering.
  • Time since onset of stuttering
    • Children whose stuttering has persisted at least 6 months are less likely to recover on their own.
  • Gender: Boys are less likely to recover on their own than girls.
  • The stutter is worsening over time

When should I seek the help?

If your child has been stuttering for several months and does not seem to be recovering independently, or if there is a history of stuttering in the family, it is best to seek the advice of a Speech-Language Pathologist. Between the ages of 4-6 is an ideal time to seek treatment.

What is the Lidcombe Program?

The Licombe Program is a highly effective program for pre-schoolers and early school-aged children which allows them to become aware of their speech in a positive way, increasing their smooth speech and decreasing their stuttered, or “bumpy” speech. A parent/caregiver is trained by a Speech-Language Pathologist to praise smooth speech and, eventually correct bumpy speech in an individualized program.

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